Arena Features

Easy to Navigate

  • The venue was strategically designed to create great sightlines and superior acoustics
  • Entrance located on Wesbrook Mall

Building / Site Dimensions

  • Site Dimensions (97,000 sq ft)
  • Building Footprint (76,000 sq ft)
  • Interior Area (all levels) (141,000 sq ft)

Fixed Seats

  • 5,054 Seats
  • Floor Chairs up to 1,800 seats


  • Women’s: 15
  • Men’s: 15

Video Display

  • State-of-the-art scoreboard featuring LED display

Food & Beverage

  • Main concourse concession
    • Offers grill menu items with a wide range of choices ranging from Panini to hamburger
  • Floor level concession
    • Three concession stands offering non grill items ranging from hot dogs to popcorn
  • Mobile concession stands with a variety of offerings can be found throughout the building

Press Facilities

  • Press Box Area pre-cabled for television and radio

Dressing/Locker Rooms

  • Four Dressing Rooms
  • Two Coaches Offices
  • Two Referee Rooms